Show Information for Producers

Risk Assessment

Brickhouse asks that all shows complete a risk assessment as standard, preferably using our standard template. The Producer is responsible for ensuring that this is completed, but the document may be written by the stage manager or similar. Linked below are various documents, the roles of which are explained here. The cover sheet helps you to understand which of the other documents you will need to fill in. The idea is that all these documents will be circulated around the College staff ahead of your Pre-Production Meeting.

Ideally this risk assessment should be completed three working days before your PPM, so that it can be sent round College staff two working days. The Producer should inform Brickhouse’s secretary if this is not going to be possible. If the show is in a state to fill in the movement plan (if you need one) before the PPM, great, otherwise don’t worry too much.

Guide to attached documents:

Your completed risk assessment will consist of:
1) A cover sheet (please fill in the PDF form and save it) – this helps to tell you what other pages you need [see RiskAssessment_CoverSheet]
2) One or more pages of the Risk Assessment (if necessary) [see RiskAssessment_Page]
3) One or more pages of the Fire Risk Assessment (if necessary) [see RiskAssessment_Fire]

If your company is large enough, then you will also need to complete a movement plan. This consists of:
1) A “first page” detailing static crew and band etc [see MovementPlan_FixedPositions]
2) Any further pages needed to account for all static crew and band etc [see MovementPlan_AdditionalPage]
3) A “first cast page” which is the beginning of the main movement plan for the show [see MovementPlan_Movement]
4) As many further pages as needed to run right through to the end of the show [see MovementPlan_AdditionalPage]

All shows will have at least a risk assessment cover sheet.

These documents should be submitted to the Brickhouse secretary, who will be happy to combine them all together into a single PDF for you ahead of the PPM (though feel free to do this yourself if you want).




What we Provide:
– An official Facebook event on the Brickhouse Theatre Company Facebook page (
– Show promotion on official Brickhouse Theatre Company social media: Facebook (@BrickhouseTC)
– The resources necessary for you to create your show poster including logo, text, and a template.
– Advice on publicity design and strategy.
– A show page on our website:
– Use of the Brickhouse Tessera ticketing website.

What we Require from you:
– A dedicated Publicity Designer to design the flyers, posters, banners, profile pictures, cover photos etc. for the show. And a member of the production team (producer or publicity manager) in charge of organising show publicity and who will keep in regular contact with their designated show representative from the Brickhouse committee.
– Publicity Materials – Please send these to for approval at least three weeks prior to show week. You must not release or print any publicity materials without approval from the Brickhouse President. This includes getting signed consent from any actors featured on the publicity poster.
– Publicity Photographs – It is up to the Producer or Publicity Manager to ensure that a photographer is brought in to take photographs of your dress rehearsal and that these are sent to the Brickhouse President as soon as possible. Any other rehearsal pictures are also extremely useful for publicity purposes so please send these over too!
– Printing of posters and leaflets etc. must be ordered by the Producer or Publicity Manager and accounted for in the show budget. Your designated show representative from the committee will be happy to offer any advice or answer any questions you may have.
– It is important that you get the production team and cast heavily involved in promoting the show. There are so many shows going on in and around Cambridge so it is important to make yours stand out! Start publicity early and make sure the campaign is strong. Once again, your show rep is more than happy to offer advice!
– All musicals must produce a show programme. A simple sheet of folded A4 paper with show and cast details and possibly a few photos can suffice, but professionally printed programmes that are well designed and full of content will always sell better. Programme production cost must be included in the show budget. Programmes are optional for plays but highly recommended. The Brickhouse President is happy to offer advice. Please note that the programme must be sent to the Brickhouse President in advance of printing for approval.
– Ensure all publicity meets the conditions set out in your show licensing agreement.

Publicity Suggestions:
– *Poster.
– *Flyers.
– *Rehearsal photographs (inc. dress rehearsal).
– Facebook cover photos and personalised cast/crew/band profile pictures.
– Show t-shirts/hoodies/stash for the cast and crew (needs to be organised early for maximum effect).
– Press release and previews/reviews in student newspapers (e.g. TCS, The Tab, Varsity).
– Use of poster boards around the city.
– Video trailers.
(Items marked with a ‘*’ are mandatory)

Publicity Tips:
– Have a running theme throughout all of the publicity.
– Make sure all publicity is eye-catching and gets across the theme/story of the show.
– Start publicity early (particularly if you are organising stash) and keep it strong! Get a poster designed and approved, and posters and flyers printed as soon as possible.
– Get the cast and crew to upload personalised profile pictures on Facebook a week before the show.
– Invite everyone you know in Cambridge to the official Facebook event when it is released by the Brickhouse President around two/three weeks before show week.
– Don’t release everything at once. Make sure your campaign is spread out over the weeks running up to your show. A lot of students buy tickets seven days or less before the show so make sure you maintain interest by constantly releasing new material.
– Distribution across all colleges, departments, and posters up around the city too!
– Ask questions! Your show rep will be more than happy to offer advice if needed.
– Have fun! Enjoy the job and be as creative as possible! But remember to make sure any publicity designs are approved by the Brickhouse President first.


Brickhouse Logos for Show Publicity

Logo 1

Logo 2

Poster Templates for Michaelmas 2018 Shows

The Revlon Girl


PLEASE REMEMBER: You MUST have your publicity artwork approved by one of the Brickhouse Presidents before you send to print. Please ensure your poster does not include any copyrighted artwork, and includes all the necessary credits as specified by the licensor.

Examples of Show Posters


Budgeting and Finance

Please use the following document to keep track of all show expenditure. It is the Producer’s responsibility that all show costs keep within the allocated show budget. After the show’s run is complete, please fill in a separate reimbursement sheet for each person requiring reimbursement as demonstrated by the given example (please name each tab with the individual’s name), and attach copies of all receipts. Please note that you can only be reimbursed if proof of purchase is provided. Any items for which you request reimbursement are the property of Brickhouse Theatre Company and must be left in our prop and costume store after the show.

Reimbursement Form

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact the Brickhouse Treasurer.



Brickhouse Theatre Company aims to be a welcoming and safe space for theatre in Cambridge. Thusly, Directors and Producers of BTC shows are obligated to work in accordance with our ‘Welfare Policy’, attached below.

The Welfare Policy covers:

– Appointing a Welfare Manager.
– Conducting auditions
– Rehearsal regulations.
– The performance period.

Welfare Policy

Access information for the Brickhouse Auditorium can be found at the end of our Technical Information page.


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