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This October the Pembroke Players will return from their tour of Tokyo and Yokohama, Japan with the same Shakespeare play first toured ten years ago: Romeo and Juliet. In the 400th anniversary year of Shakespeare’s death the ever-recognisable love story of Romeo and Juliet continues to find new resonance. This […]

Pembroke Players Japan Tour: Romeo and Juliet

Straight from the English set texts comes William Shakespeare’s Cymbeline. Imogen, daughter of King Cymbeline, has displeased her father by marrying Posthumus. In exile, Posthumus proclaims the beauty of his wife to the villainous Iachimo and lays a wager on her fidelity. But Iachimo will stop at nothing to prove […]


The Brickhouse Theatre Company presents Samuel Barber’s lush, gothic opera Vanessa. First performed in 1958, this expansive work won Barber the Pulitzer prize, but has since been under-performed. Director Judith Lebiez brings Vanessa to life in its first Cambridge presentation. In the words of Barber’s partner, and librettist, Giancarlo Menotti: […]


When dreams of power and takeover begin to fill the minds of the Disciples, Judas is quick to express his disdain at Jesus in order to avoid punishment being brought upon himself and The Disciples. Caiaphas, Annas, and others agree that his followers need to be crushed and Jesus must […]

Jesus Christ Superstar

Peter Pan Poster
Come. Laugh. Cry. Cheer. Boo. Clap. Call things like “they’re behind you” and “oh no it doesn’t/oh yes it does”. Organised fun. Organised drama. Organs. Piano. Music. Acting. Comedy. Tragedy. Problem play. Caricatures. People. Caricatures of people. People of caricatures. Characters. Imagination. Fantasy. Reality. Lolz. Not-lolz. Things that are neither […]

Pantomime 2015 – Peter Pan

The Rover - Brickhouse November 2015
‘The Rover’ is a seventeenth century black comedy set during the carnival in Naples. When placed in a modern setting, ‘The Rover’ deals with the romantic escapades of a group of lads on holiday and explores important contemporary issues including sexual abuse and gender. The entitled ‘rover’ is Willmore (Peter […]

The Rover

Join us in the dying embers of the day, for an adaptation of Beckett’s seminal ‘Waiting for Godot’ which promises to be an atmospheric and elemental experience. Two drifters wait by a solitary tree, to meet with Godot, who they hope will change their fortunes for the better. Instead, another […]

Waiting for Godot

It’s quite a lot of work to cater for a wedding. Especially when it’s three friends in a kitchen and they’re eating more of the food than they’re sending out. Mostly kitchen-bound and wound up, Marcie, Eva and Rose chortle their way through a wedding of people who they don’t […]


<< Le Mariage de Figaro >> was performed in 1784 for the first time. The play was censored for many years, and this already hints at its revolutionary and insolent dimension. This sequel of sorts to “The Barber of Sevilla” mainly revolves around this question: will Figaro and Suzanne manage […]

The Marriage of Figaro

Set on a London estate, The Losters Play deals with the fallout of a group of youth’s being mailed a corpse. What follows involves Polish drug dealers, embalming with anti-freeze and Kesha. Described by Stovepipe playwright Adam Brace as “the best play by a young playwright I’ve read”, The Losters […]

The Losters Play

New Year’s Day 2050, Compound Camelot. There’s not much to look forward to in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, so when the Green Knight crashes the party with a game of Russian Roulette, Gawain’s only too eager to go. There’s just one twist – the winner has to take a shot from […]

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

Mikado Banner
Set in the topsy-turvy Japanese town of Titipu, ‘The Mikado’ combines biting social commentary with dark gallows humour to tell the story of Nanki-Poo, the son of the Mikado who disguises himself as a wandering minstrel in order to escape the romantic attentions of the elderly Katisha. In his travels […]

Cambridge University Gilbert and Sullivan Society: The Mikado