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“Cause people can surprise you… or not” Brickhouse Theatre Company presents Dogfight, a story of war, love, and personal growth, as a marine learns the power of compassion when he plays a cruel joke on an idealistic waitress. Set in the swinging 60s, in San Francisco, and featuring a score […]


Ancient Greece. 441 BC. Two dead brothers. One king. One girl. One shovel. Following the war in Thebes, both Antigone’s brothers are dead, and her uncle, Creon, is the king. One of the brothers is given a proper burial, whilst the other is declared a traitor and forbidden to be […]

Antigone: The Musical

Queen Anne takes the male-dominated genre of the history play and places women at its centre, portraying fierce friendship, sexuality, jealousy, war, politics and betrayal through the eyes and inner lives of women. Exploring the life of one of England’s little-known monarchs, Queen Anne follows the sovereign and her close […]

Queen Anne

Horse Girls is a dark, satirical comedy which tells the story of the Lady Jean Ladies, a group of pre-teen girls who devote their lives to their horses. Or, as Ashleigh would say, her horses – most of the girls borrow their horses from her stables, remember? The girls all […]

Horse Girls

Halfway Promo
Eddie and Niall meet by chance on an unremarkable street in Manchester. Eddie’s trying to break into the film industry, Niall’s at uni. They strike up the unlikeliest of friendships, and before long they’re living together. They’re happy, until life takes an unexpected turn for both of them, and their […]


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A wealthy merchant by the name of Jenrick retires, thinking he’s settling into a life of relative peace and composure. Philosophic rest, you might call it. But his long unrequited love, his disgruntled business partner and his plotting servants don’t quite have the same thing on their minds. A lot […]

Memento Mori

No Cash Promo
It’s the bolshiest heist in human history. Three struggling cons who haven’t hit a target in years set their sights on the Crown Jewels, and a much-needed early retirement. Join them as they assemble their team, plot their path, and even fall in love on the way. Will they swagger […]

No Cash Left on the Premises Overnight

Talking Heads is a series of monologues written by Alan Bennett in the 1980s. This production will include performances of the following monologues: A Chip in the Sugar, A Lady of Letters, Soldiering On and Her Big Chance.

Talking Heads

Permanent Marker is an original student-written one-person play. It is an exploration of a woman’s fragmented response to rape and the imperfection of memory. As the piece develops the sense of a solid story/timeline disintegrates using the experience of disassociation. Her memory jumps back and forth as her sense of […]

Permanent Marker

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Under usual circumstances, Brickhouse holds at least 5 productions in Robinson’s indoor and outdoor theatres each year, while funding other shows across Cambridge! Due to the pandemic, we are going online and hosting 3 virtual Open Mic Nights throughout Easter term! 8pm Fri 30 April, Fri 7 May, Fri 14 […]

Brickhouse Open Mic Night!

‘Shakespeare, Shakespeare, wherefore art thou Shakespeare?’ In the fair land of Verona, a new day dawns on the love of two overly hormonal teenagers. Will their love be able to survive the feud between their two families, or will the unstoppable power of the plot separate them forever? Complete with […]

Almost Romeo and Juliet

When Macbeth receives a prophecy that he shall be king, he stops at nothing to see it come to fruition. Leaving behind him a murderous, blood-soaked trail, Macbeth forces his way to the crown. Paranoia and guilt close in as he and Lady Macbeth swear to kill all who could […]


“Those Left Behind” follows the McBride family as they cope with life after the death of Mark – the father of the family. Mother Karen and daughter Heather discover that life doesn’t stop for mourning and that everyday battles become infinitely harder in the face of loss. Meanwhile, son Joe […]

Those Left Behind

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Philadelphia, Here I Come! centres around Gareth (Gar) O’Donnell’s move to America, specifically Philadelphia. The play takes place on the night before and morning of Gar’s departure to America. Gar is portrayed by two characters, Gar Public (“the Gar that people see, talk to, talk about”) and Gar Private (“the […]

Philadelphia, Here I Come!

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Cambridge’s comedy scene asks the question we’re all dying to know the answer to: “What’s wrong with me?” Join us as doctors (or at least comedians playing doctors) try to diagnose the ills of the world and provide the best medicine of all, laughter, in large doses that push the […]

What’s Wrong With Me

“But you’ve asked a simple question, and I’ve told you why. It wasn’t on a dare or on a whim. It’s hard to comprehend now that the reason why, was simply that I went along with him.” Relationships can be murder. In 1924, two wealthy Chicago University students abducted and […]

Thrill Me

Newly set in 2019, Funny Girl follows the story of Fanny Brice, talented and irrepressible but incapable of succeeding as a woman in traditional showbiz because she doesn’t fit the mould of the all-American beauty queen. The show charts her meteoric rise through comedy instead and her turbulent marriage to […]

Funny Girl

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“It is madness in all women to let a secret love kindle within them, which, if unreturned and unknown, must devour the life that feeds it.” A bold and theatrically inventive adaptation of the literary classic that succeeds as both a wise distillation of the novel and a thrilling piece […]

Jane Eyre

What is there beyond hope? In the sitting room of a dishevelled flat in post-war London, Hester Collyer is found by her neighbours in the aftermath of a failed suicide attempt. Slowly, the story of her tempestuous affair with an alcoholic RAF pilot and the breakdown of her marriage to […]

The Deep Blue Sea

Everyone is hearing strange things about April. Surely it can’t be that simple. Can it? This is a new show about climate change, rumour, choices, parenting, and nothing else.   THE UNBELIEVABLE ENDING OF THE WORLD by WILL MACLEAN Tuesday 12th March – Saturday 16th March 2019, 21:30, Corpus Playroom

The Unbelievable Ending of the World